Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sent: Week 3 of 52

Hi, friends!  I am sorry for the long absence . . . I was out of town for a conference last week and failed to mention it.  I am back now, trying to get caught up on laundry and housework and . . . a little bit of blogging.

I thought I would post my mail for week 3 of 52 Weeks of Mail--a thinking of you card for my cousin Tyler.  I just wrote him a simple note and added a few fun touches to the envelope using washi tape and these awesome pens (they carry them at Paper Source, but I would suggest using a 40% off Michaels coupon and buying them there since they are pretty pricey--they are totally opaque and create a slightly raised surface, which I love).

It's currently week 5 (I totally missed week 4 while I was gone), and I have already sent out some of week 5's mail--a special gift for our friends the Boehms (Lindsey's family).  I will write more about that at the end of the week and will hopefully pop in tomorrow to share a little more about the conference I attended and more about Lindsey as well, as tomorrow marks 6 years since she went on to be with Jesus.

Has anyone else been sending mail?  I know some of you have, since my mailbox has had a few fun surprises recently.  Thank you!   :)


  1. Last week was a slow mail week for me too. I'm hoping to get quite a bit mailed out this week.

    Can you believe I've not tried washi tape yet? I have a papercrafter friend who absolutely loves the stuff!

    1. Oh my, you MUST try it! It's one of those "trends" that is here to stay, I think. And for good reason--so many patterns and so many uses! :)

      Good luck on sending more mail this week . . . hoping I can get a couple of letters written and sent before the week is over. I owe you one!!


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