Sunday, May 26, 2013

lately . . .

A post I wrote back in February . . . and am posting in May.  It's not really "lately" anymore, but it's something.  :)

Hello?  Is anybody there?  Wow, it's been a while, and I have missed you! (See above.)  :)

Life got crazy in November, crazier in December, and didn't slow down in January.  So far February has been a little quieter . . . and I find myself wanting to be back here.  For now I thought I would pop in and say hello and just share a few updates . . .

Lately, my kitchen counters have looked like this.  Craft supplies are handy for me and out of reach of the boys.  The kitchen table just doesn't work for works in progress, not when four grubby paws can reach right up to pull the cap off a container of glitter and empty it all over the floor.  Also, we need the table for three meals a day.  I guess we also need the kitchen counters for preparing those meals, but --look--I have left a good 8 to 12 inches of space all around.

In reality, things have only been this way since last week when we were gearing up for Valentine's Day  (more crafting) and Jeff went out of town (less cooking).  I would honestly live this way if it were just me in this house.  I am thinking of making space in one or two cabinets to store my most-used items.  Since we have moved to this house, all of my stuff has been in our master closet.  It's a decent set-up but doesn't allow for social crafting.  Which brings me to my next little update . . .

I need my things out and accessible because MY SISTER LIBBY IS LIVING WITH US this semester (loud cheering/jumping up and down/warm fuzzies)!!  Libby wanted to try something new the second semester of her junior year of high school, so she took me up on my long-standing invitation to come and live with me.  As I've mentioned before, my two youngest sisters are 15 and 17 years younger than I am, and I have always wanted more time with them, considering I left home for college when they were only 1 and 3.  :(  My sister Addy lived with us three years ago, and that was a really special time.  And now I am getting that with Libby.  I am so happy.

Libby and I have established a great afternoon (and occasionally nighttime) crafting/letter writing routine.  We are inspired by many of the same things.  If I am ever excited about something, I can pretty much bet that she will be too.  It's been so fun to have someone right here in my own house to join me in that excitement.  On the last day of January, I read this post about writing a letter a day in February, and we both got super pumped about that idea.  Libby has done it.  I have not.  But that's okay, because I have, at least, started writing letters again, even if not one a day.  And I get to enjoy the project vicariously through her (and supply her with all the stuff she needs to make what she wants to make).

I have also been practicing calligraphy lately, and I am hooked on that again.  Pretty much all I do is practice--not really producing anything.  Maybe I'll make envelopes out of the practice sheets.  For now I am really happy to just write words and letters over and over and over.  It's therapeutic.

Well, there's my long overdue hello.  I would love to hear from anyone who happens to read this.  What have you been up to?  There have been so many times I have come across something I wanted to share with you or had something to talk to you about, but . . . I guess my offline life needed to take precedence over my online one.  I am not the type of person who can give equal attention to both during intense times, it seems.  Thus the three-month-breaks every now and then.

But I do plan to be back here a little more.  I hope you will hang around too--do say hello!

:) amber


  1. Glad to read the update! And thanks for the idea of using practice calligraphy sheets as envelopes!!

    1. You are welcome, Donna! Great to hear from you! I've been as behind with letter writing as I have been with blogging, but I haven't forgotten you, penpal! :)

  2. Are you practicing your calligraphy from a lesson of some sort, or how did you get started? I would love to improve my handwriting in general...

    1. Hi, Moll! I actually took two calligraphy classes last year when we lived in MD. So that was a really good start for me, and I have just been practicing what I learned there. But I have also benefited a lot from some online resources. I will try to round those up and share them with you.


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