Monday, March 19, 2012

my fascination with birthday calendars continues . . . a round-up of non-DIY calendars

I posted a tutorial for this DIY perpetual birthday calendar a few weeks ago, and I still have birthday calendars on the brain, so . . .
my DIY birthday calendar

. . . I put together a little round-up for those of you who might like to see some non-DIY versions.  Enjoy!

This Linnea Birthday and Anniversary Calendar (15x5 inches and $14.95 at Paper Source) is bright and colorful and has a different travel poster image for each month--fun!

Linnea birthday calendar

This calendar by Linda and Harriet (12x4.5 inches and $30) has a fun letterpress design for each month with hand-lettered month names and numbers and lovely colors.

Linda and Harriet birthday calendar

Etsy seller The Beautiful Project designed this charming calendar (11x4.25 inches and $20 at ).  I love the Dutch theme (more on that at the end of this post) and the folk motifs.

birthday calendar by The Beautiful Project on Etsy

I have loved A Little Hut's printable birthday calendar (11x4.25 inches and only $3.99 to download!) for years--it is so simple and graphic, with just the first letter of each month at the top.  You cut out the outline of that letter with a craft knife and put a scrap of paper or fabric behind it to pretty it up.  This would be a great gift because you can print the calendar as many times as you want once you buy it, and you can customize the colors and scraps that you use to each recipient.  I almost feel like I shouldn't be sharing this . . . in case I want to give it as a gift myself!

A Little Hut birthday calendar

This last calendar is another printable--and it's free!  Over the months, I have done several searches for printable birthday calendars, just to see what's out there, and I think this calendar by Elephantshoe Stationery is one of the cutest.  You can find it here at The Pretty Blog.  Be sure to leave a comment at The Pretty Blog to say thanks for the free download if you use it, and check out a lot of other great printables at the Elephantshoe blog!

birthday calendar by Elephantshoe for The Pretty Blog

So even if you don't want to DIY (or you just want to print + partial DIY), there are still plenty of options out there for some really neat birthday calendars.


So what do you think?  Are you as into these as I am?  Do you keep a birthday calendar?  I find it interesting that birthday or perpetual calendars are not that common in the U. S.  Until recently, the only person I knew that had one (at least one I had seen) is my friend Laura, who keeps one on her pantry door, where she can see it every morning.

But apparently, these calendars are an everyday item in Europe.  Paper Source gives an interesting fact with its listing for the Linnea calendar, which says, "In Europe they hang these calendars in the guest powder room, with a pencil."  I read that and realized--my new friend Kati from Germany has hers hanging right outside her powder bathroom!  I asked her about it, and she said she doesn't know anybody where she lives that doesn't have one.

This article from Real Simple gives more explanation:  
"Visit a bathroom in a home in the Netherlands [which = Holland, which = Dutch;  see The Beautiful Project calendar, above] and you might find a good idea staring you in the face: a list of birthdays important to your host posted opposite the toilet. Why in that spot? To assure that it's viewed regularly."  

Does anyone else find these types of cultural things as fascinating as I do?  Why are the Dutch and other Europeans so good about remembering birthdays?  Why aren't these calendars more common here?  Obviously, the round-up above shows they are definitely available, but I would say they are hardly a household staple.

Are there any Europeans reading this post?  If so, please fill us in!  I am inspired by this custom, and I want to know more about its history . . . 

But, for now there you have it--almost everything you need to know about birthday calendars . . . until the next time I post about them.   :)


  1. Hanging up in the powder room! What a wonderful idea! Thank you, Am!

  2. Over the years I’ve ordered dozens of calendars that were printed with less than expected quality. Last year my company printed some calendars with PCA Delta in Pompano Beach FL, and they were great. I’ve been printing with them ever since. If you need calendars printed go to I strongly recommend them.

  3. I love these too. I'm in Australia and ours is in the kitchen but they're not commonplace in this room or country! Thanks for these ideas. People love it when you remember their birthday and they do make such great gifts!


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