Wednesday, March 14, 2012

outgoing mail . . . and an update on the calligraphy project

Because I am trying to be more regular with postal correspondence, I thought I might share a picture here every week or two to show what I have mailed or am about to mail.

I love seeing pictures of mail and also like having a record of what I have sent . . . since I probably won't see it again (hey, I put a lot of work into those envelopes, so humor me).  :)

I really like how people post pictures to the Letter Writers Alliance Flickr group of their incoming and outgoing mail.  I also love the project 52 Weeks of Mail on Facebook and am tempted to join!

For those of you who commented on this post, I just wanted to let you know I have started to send letters out (see pic above).  Don't expect any killer calligraphy, though.  I realized that focusing on the handwriting practice was going to keep me from actually getting anything sent out, so I decided to start by sending mail with or without calligraphy (it varies from note to note) and later send out some awesome envelopes once I am a little better at addressing them.  Baby steps.  But hey, I am on a roll, friends, so keep an eye on your mailbox.  And it's never to late to leave a comment on the calligraphy post or on this one to get your very own letter.  I love sending mail.

In case you are interested, clockwise from top left . . .
envelope made from a vintage wall paper scrap; hand stamped hello postcard; envelope made from an Anthropologie catalogue page; hand stamped postcard with my very own grandpa's famous (in my family) saying--I may write more about this someday because it is priceless; envelope made from my calligraphy practice paper; envelope made from a flowery magazine page; watercolor postcard that I painted and attempted to write calligraphy on but just turned it into quirky cursive instead; hand stamped bear+heart postcard; envelope made from a J. Crew catalogue page

*Gina, somehow your postcard is missing from this pic!  I will send you another and be sure to take a pic next time.  :)

And I will leave you with another view--showing some of them stamped and ready to go (if anyone comes across some non-flowery postcard stamps, I would really like to know).  That top letter is for my baby sixteen-year-old sister Libby, who I sometimes affectionately address as Ellie May.  I am told she reads this blog, but she has yet to show her face, er, comment.  This is a test to see if she might come out of hiding . . .

P. S.  If you would like some envelope making info, I wrote a little bit about my favorite tools for making them right here.

P. P. S. Write back soon.  xo


  1. I look forward to reading your blogs! Hope you had a wonderful trip. THANKS for the pics! Thought of you this morning as I looked at Blitzy--(webpage) Tim Holtz Idea-ology reminds of "interests" of you! Keep of creating and keep on writing! I have started a "take-off" of the birthday calendar :) Much less time consuming than yours :) But hopefully it will help me REMEMBER! Have a great day~ Love you!

    1. Oh, I am glad you have started your own birthday calendar! :) Let me know how it goes. I have seen a few Tim Holtz things before--I will have to check that out. Always fun to find new sources for things!! I love that you read the blog. I will keep writing and you keep reading. It's nice to get comments from you! Love you!

  2. I just discovered your lovely blog through your comment on the LWA page about the cherry blossom stamp release. It looks like you're in DC, too! We should be friends. :)

    The new 32 cent postcard stamps are not at all flowery, by the way. :)

    1. Hi, Melissa! Wow, how fun! I would love to talk more! Thanks for the tip about the Aloha stamps, by the way. Were you able to make it to the cherry blossom stamp release yourself?

      It's really neat to hear you are in DC. Thanks for saying hello!! Maybe we can meet up sometime! :)


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