Friday, April 06, 2012

Mail Call

Thank you to everyone who read about our friend Lindsey on Wednesday.  That post went right to the top of the "popular" posts sidebar on the blog, and I am so happy about that because it means that lots of people were reading about her and remembering her on her birthday.   Her story is one that I wish everyone could know, and her family is amazing.  Hopefully someday I can tell you more about them.

Today I just wanted to share some more pictures of the mail I have sent the past couple of weeks.  I am having fun documenting the outgoing mail, even if taking pictures of it before sending seems to slow me down by a day (trying to get good light, waiting for the boys to nap, fidgeting with the layout of the photo . . . ).

In this stack we have 2 birthday cards and a just because card (the 3 red envelopes).  I wish I had taken a picture of the cards before I put them in the envelopes.  One of them made me laugh out loud in Target.  The greeting cards are made from "Awkward Family Photos."  I don't like things that appear to have been staged in order to be funny, but some of these look pretty legit and are hilarious.  You should definitely check them out next time you are in Target.

The top envelope is made from some beautiful wrapping paper that my new typewriter (!) came packaged in.  The typewriter case was wrapped like a gift, and there was a typed note inside thanking me for my purchase.  I was sooo excited, partly because I was getting a typewriter, partly because it was packaged so lovely, and partly because I had just gotten a little letter from Donovan Beeson of the Letter Writers Alliance (I bought the typewriter from the LWA shop).  I just had to write her a typed thank you in reply, and I used that awesome wrapping paper to make the envelope.  :)

Here are a couple of birthday thank yous I sent out (chipping away at that list slowly).  That cute little bow stamp in the bottom photo is from Fifteen/Eleven.  I just love how small and simple it is.  It happens to be perfect for envelope flaps.

And here is a shot of the birthday package we sent to Lindsey's family before it was all boxed up.

It included note cards and stickers, a mini tea set, 2 pairs of purply socks, 2 little packages of heart confetti (the one-inch size, to make it easier to pick up if scattered/tossed), pretty purple nail polish, purple balloons, a card from me, and little notes from Caroline and Linc.

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and April is just beginning!  I think I have a "send ____ card" note on almost every day in my planner for April.  Are more people born in April than in any other month?  I think maybe so.

I am also still sending letters out from that little offer I made in February.  I haven't forgotten you!  :)


  1. You are so creative Amber!!

    1. And you are too, Kara. Let's be pen pals. :)


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