Wednesday, April 25, 2012

simple suggestions

All 3 asleep at once?!!  This would have been a good time to blog . . . had I not been driving from NC to MD.  
(Cell phone pic snapped safely, I promise, as long as driving with one hand counts--
just pointed it back there and this is what I got.  :)

You may or may not have noticed, but I have had a hard time sticking to a posting schedule recently.  I really want to keep the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule I committed to previously, but I can't be too rigid about it at this point.  It's a crazy time, and I take too long to write even the simplest post, not to mention take pictures!  So if I miss my opportunity during my sons' naptime (a 2-hour-or-less window), I pretty much have to wait until the next day (or blog when I should be doing something else, which I have to quit doing!).  I hate to be inconsistent, but I hope that those of you who read the blog regularly will understand and will check back often or stay updated through Facebook or your blog reader.

With all of that said, I am thinking that over the next couple of weeks I will share some articles and links with you that I have found helpful or inspiring.   I will keep working on other content as I am able and post it once it's ready--I just won't scramble to have a completely original post every MWF (those will still be good days to check back, though).  I may also add an About page--so let me know if there is something you would like me to include!

And just so you know, I love to know who is reading and what you are thinking!  It brightens my day to read a comment, and it warms my heart that some of the most thoughtful people I know (my own family and friends) take the time to read this blog.  Thank you! 

Thanks for staying with me during that little blog update, and now here is a link for you from Real Simple magazine.  I have this publication to credit for a lot of my inspiration, as they have featured some really excellent life and relationship articles over the years.  I will share more as I collect links (or scan old articles) of things I have read, but let's just start with this simple one:

It's a pretty short article but packed with great suggestions.

I like this one--a "small, helpful gesture" for after a birth . . .

"A new mom hardly has time to shower. Drop by before you start your day and 
watch the baby while mom cleans up―15 minutes is all she needs."

That is so true!  Can you imagine?  Like a shower fairy that just pops in and watches the baby while you take a shower, and then you go about your day.  I love that idea!

And this one, for a friend who is having a tough time . . . it involves ice cream.  :)  (I am a big fan of thoughtfully administered ice cream.  You can read my ice cream posts here and here.)  

“When I was having a difficult few months trying to get pregnant, a friend sent me gift certificates to my favorite ice cream shop. Once, she even sent me the exact change to buy a pint―she called the store to find out how much it cost. Turns out, that ice cream was just what the doctor ordered.”  ―Briar Sauro, 32, Brooklyn

This suggestion reminds me of last summer when my sister Libby was in the hospital . . .

"Bring a blanket to someone who’s in the hospital. (Patients often feel chilled.) 
When she is discharged, present her with a new blanket to use at home―
it will feel like a fresh start."

Libby had a quilt my grandmother made on her at all times while she was in the hospital.  Quilts are the best comfort blankets.  (By the way, I have been prepping Libby and someday soon--maybe this summer--we are going to tell you her story, so stay tuned . . . )

Go ahead and read the article and let me know what you think!  Feel free to add to the list of "small, helpful gestures" in the comments section if anything comes to mind.  Or just say hello if you're reading--that is always nice.  :)  I always reply to comments, so be sure to check back.  


  1. Love this one! I know that when we were going through our difficult journey trying to get pregnant, texting encouraging verses/songs really helped me through! In fact, you sent me a wonderful email right after you found out that I still have and read periodically!!
    Love you and can't WAIT for you to be back in TX!!

    1. I can't wait either! And to think--we'll be "neighbors"!!

      Thanks for the reminder about little things that are helpful. I am glad the email was meaningful. It was sent with love. :)

  2. Yay! I can comment!! :) And, the kiddos are so sweet in this pic.

    1. Yaaaaaay!! I am honored. :) Thanks so much for persevering (and alerting me to the settings I needed to change)! :)


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