Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I shall not live in vain . . .

"I shall not live in vain."  

Lately I feel like my eyes have been opened more than ever to the needs that exist all around me--in my city, in my neighborhood, in my extended and immediate family . . . physical needs, emotional needs, spiritual needs.

I know that in and of myself I cannot meet all of these needs.  My personality is the type that always wants to try, though.  

"Is there anything I can do?"
"How can I help?"
"I am here for you! / Thinking of you! / Praying for you!"

And I truly mean it!  But when the needs are too great for me to bear or I end up not being there for someone, I become overwhelmed and sorrowful.  One of my greatest fears is failing someone.

But I have to remember--I am not the one that people need (and I will fail).  God is the one that people need (and he never will)!  I just need to point the way to Him. 


I just couldn't post the poem without sharing all the thoughts swirling around it in my head.  
I think it is achingly beautiful.  
Don't you?  
I would love to hear--what's been on your mind lately? 


  1. Great poem! Thank you for the reminder to focus on God. We do become weighed down at times and He is the answer. I love the phrase "or cool one pain". Miss you cousin :)

    1. I love that phrase too! Miss you much--we need another cousins' weekend! xo

  2. Amber if anyone lives this out it is you. Your note that you sent shortly after Savannah was born during a time I felt so overwhelmed, the meals you sent after my babies were born, listening when I needed to vent about my own miscarriage knowing you really understood, and hosting my daughter's first birthday at your house even when it was invaded by tiny ladybugs. I am so grateful for your friendship and heart, especially during a time I felt alone and far away from family. So know that you make a difference. Thank YOU!

    1. Thank you, Sara. That means so much! I am glad I could be a friend. And Savannah's birthday party was so fun--that is a good memory. :) Hugs!!


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