Thursday, October 11, 2012

little notes are thoughtful . . .

Whenever I send out a card or letter lately, I like to include little business card-sized notes in the envelope along with it.  It's kind of like including a little gift in with the card--something the recipient can hold onto and use as a bookmark or tape up as a reminder somewhere (I stuck a few strips of washi tape to wax paper and included that with the little notes as well).

The notes were typed out on my typewriter and embellished just a little with a hand-drawn border and a ribbon stamp.

It's fun to add a little something extra to the envelope--and it's always nice to have encouraging reminders, I think! 

Have you sent any cards or letters lately?  If you are up for a challenge (I know prolific mailers out there who would not consider this a challenge, but . . . ), the 52 Weeks of Mail group on Facebook has started up again with another 52 weeks.  I tried to follow along for the last 52 but fell off the wagon sometime this summer.  There is nothing magical about sending a piece of mail once a week, but I think that's a very reasonable/doable goal.  I hope to send more than that!

What about you?  How often do you snail mail?  Does once a week sound like something you could attempt?  If you're looking for someone to write, my mailbox is always open!  :)


  1. Amber, I have followed 52 weeks of mail on Facebook for several months and have "committed" to following them for the next 52weeks. This week I have sent three snail mails! I love sending and receiving snail mail. I also like to include little enclosures ( I call them random oddities). I would love to drop you a note in the mail. What is the best way for you to get me your address without the whole world seeing?

    1. Donna, that's great! We'll be following along together, then. :) And I am always up for good mail--I will email you. Thanks!

  2. Amber...these are lovely! I love the idea of the little cards and who doesn't want some extra wash tape?! Snail mail is definitely thoughtful. Thank you for that reminder!

    1. Thank you, Katie! We should be pen pals. :)


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