Monday, October 08, 2012

what would you send in a "feel better" care package?

"feel better" letterpress card from Smock Paper

Happy Monday, thoughtful friends!

I have a question for you all . . . my 12-year-old cousin is having ACL surgery this Thursday, and I want to send her and her mom a little care package (I'd like to get it in the mail tomorrow).

Do you have any suggestions for me?  My cousin seems super young to be having surgery for her ACL :( , and her mom is more than a little nervous about the whole thing.

I have never had surgery, and I've never been in the hospital for anything other than having babies!  I don't really know what it's like.  My husband had out-patient surgery several years ago, but I guess I was too busy taking care of him to take note of the details.  I do remember that it's a really weird feeling to just walk away as the one you love is going under anesthesia.  I remember wanting to stay right by him.  It was a really helpless and unnatural feeling.  I can't imagine going through it as a mom.

I remember Jeff was really loopy when he woke up, and he kept itching his nose . . . and I remember that he got sick to his stomach later that evening from all the anesthesia.  :(

But what's an ACL surgery like?

I have been telling my friend Stephanie that she is going to get her own post dedicated to "what to do when your friend has 100 knee surgeries" . . . so this could be considered a little trial run.  What do you say, Steph?

Now that I think of it, both my cousin Kara and my brother-in-law Dan have had knee surgery as well.  Lisa, do you or Dan want to chime in here?  :)  Kara?

[No sweat to those of you that have been called out by name . . . if you are able to comment, don't feel like you have to write your own post (we'll do that later, heehee).  Just a few helpful tips or some insight into the experience would be grand.]

I will be back with a few more posts this week, but for now I would really love any suggestions that any of you might have for a nice little care package!

Thank you so much, friends!

:) amber


  1. Perhaps an activity pad, journal for writing, book, jelly bellies (or other yummy candy),
    for mom--magazines,devotional book(perhaps regarding strength or grace), chocolate.
    Things that bring a smile :) Even a little set of notes for mom--one to open each hour (or set time) during surgery and recovery with verses of encouragement!
    Know you will come up with something WONDERFUL! Let us see the finished work! :)

  2. These are great ideas! Thank you!! Yes, I will let you know what I end up doing . . . thank you so much for chiming in--it helps! :)

  3. I think magazines are a great idea or maybe a DVD: anything that keeps the person from getting bored but doesn't require too much brain power.

    1. That's a good point about not using too much brain power. I will keep that in mind. And I think magazines are fitting on all occasions! But I hadn't even thought about that for her. Thanks for the suggestions!

      It worked out great that my 2 cousins that live near this cousin both got her something--a book and a DVD--and delivered it in person. Good cousin teamwork. :)


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