Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Reading 3/23/12 and some housekeeping . . .

Happy Friday, friends!  Today I thought I would share a couple links, as well as a few little housekeeping items.  I'll start with the housekeeping . . .

I am going to try to start posting on a regular schedule.  While I can't post every single day, I do think I can commit to posting every [or almost every] Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I am able to spend some time at nights and on weekends drafting posts, so I will try to publish them regularly on these days.  We will see how it works.  I just wanted to let you know so you can be on the lookout!

How do you find out about new posts?  Based on blog traffic stats provided by Blogger, Facebook is the biggest traffic source.  So this week I created a Facebook page for the blog.

I really want to share new posts with my friends, but I don't want to always be promoting the blog on my personal page.  If you rely on Facebook updates to check out new posts, I'd love for you to visit A Thoughtful Blog on Facebook here and click "Like" if you want to become a fan.  This way you can get blog updates on your Facebook news feed (a big thanks to those of you who have already "liked" me . . . I feel really junior high-ish saying that, but really--thank you . . . it was fun to see your names pop up on the page!).

You can also use the Subscribe link on the upper right hand side of the blog to subscribe through a reader if you use one, or enter your email address in the box provided to receive blog posts via email.

I just love writing this blog, and I love connecting with people.  It's exciting that others enjoy reading and connecting as well, and I think the more people that are involved with this project, the better it will be.  I write to share ideas and inspiration, but one of my greatest sources of inspiration is in other people.  I have learned so much from others over the years.  I want to share all of that, but I want to keep learning too.  So please do visit and share your own thoughts and experiences.  I really love hearing from you!

Now for the links . . .

I quoted this Real Simple article in Monday's birthday calendar round-up post, but I wanted to mention it here again, in case you didn't get a chance to read it.  I must have read this years ago (I've been a subscriber off and on for a while), and I am guessing the ideas in this article probably influenced my interest in birthday calendars and the planner remembering system that I use today.  I really love their use of a roaming sticky note as a "send birthday card" reminder.  Check out their four practical tips for remembering birthdays right here.

And for a little inspiration, you can read about this very thoughtful teacher (found via a link on the 52 Weeks of Mail Facebook page).  Makes my birthday card list seem small in comparison!

I hope you enjoy the links!  I am working on some posts for next week that deal with the subject of miscarriage.  You may remember from my intro post that one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to discuss "what to do when" someone you loved was going through a hard time.  This subject matter has been trickier for me to address because the topics are weightier, and I want to handle them sensitively.  But I just decided to start with what I know and go from there.  I miscarried five years ago, so I will let you in on my experience and share a few things I found to be helpful and hopefully answer that "what can I do?" question for you, should you have a friend that is suffering the same kind of loss.

I hope you will join me again next week.  Thanks for reading!

:) amber

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