Monday, August 13, 2012

Mail Call #4

Well, it's been pretty silent around here lately--blog-wise, that is.  It's been a busy couple of weeks  months!  Just stopping by today to say hello after all this time and share some pics of mail I had scheduled to post about months ago.  Just for fun.  A small step towards posting again, I hope . . .

I sent this card when I was at my parents' house in April . . .

It was for my friend Katie.  She is the type of person one might send a "holla" card to on her birthday.  :)  I had every member of the family write Katie a little note--that's why it shows "Sawatzky/Carlson" on the return address.

This was for our little Texas neighbor friend Izzy.  We were sorry we couldn't see her in person this year on her birthday!

Not only am I hoping to get back to the blog soon, but I am also hoping to get back to sending mail soon.  Lots of stuff to catch up on.  We are back in Texas after being away for a year, and it's really good to be back in the great state and also fun to have made some special friendships--and hopefully pen pals!--in Maryland.  :)  I've spent the past several days unpacking boxes of paper and stamps and craft stuff, and I am just itching to write . . . off to do that now . . . and maybe unpack some more boxes as well.

Hope you've had a great summer!

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