Saturday, August 25, 2012

summer postcards are thoughtful

While I was unpacking boxes the other night, I came across all of the postcards I have saved from my friends over the years (98% of which date back to high school and college), and summertime nostalgia just swept over me.

I used to love getting postcards (and I had friends that traveled more than I did and were pretty good about sending them).  Postcards over summer vacation meant that someone was thinking of you, even while they were far away on a really fun trip.  That has to be one of the simplest of thoughtful gestures--stopping to send a little note to say, "I am having a blast, but I miss you," or "I love it here, but I wish you were with me," or "I saw such-and-such the other day, and it made me think of you," and "I can't wait to see you again!!"

Now I love looking back over old postcards and reading the random details people chose to include in their messages and the references they made to life at the time--"Tell [boyfriend] hi for me!" "Tell everyone I am getting ridiculously dark!"

postcards from Paris, Las Vegas, Morocco, Alaska, Germany, St. Kitts, Mexico, Maryland, South Padre Island, 
Hawaii, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New England, and the Black Hills of South Dakota . . . 

I wish I still sent postcards any time I went somewhere . . . I always have good intentions because I love them so much . . . but I haven't sent one in a really long time.  But it just so happened that while this post was still in its draft stage, I came across this lovely one over on the LWA blog about--what else--postcards!   I think Donovan says it perfectly--"To be thought of in leisure is one of the biggest compliments."  If you are waxing nostalgic for postcards like I am, you will enjoy Donovan's post (and the article she links to).  And there are great tips in the comments section on how to follow through with your good postcard intentions.

I know the school year has started, but summer isn't officially over until September 21 . . . I'm thinking I might have to send out some summer postcards while there is still time.  They will have to say "Greetings from Texas," though, because after moving 1,350 miles a little over a month ago, I do not plan to go ANYwhere any time soon.  Still, doesn't all this make you want to send a postcard?  I am now on the lookout for a local one . . . and please send one my way if you go anywhere!  Or--even if you don't.  :)

 Recreating my high school bulletin board.  
One of my favorite lines of the bunch is by my friend Gina, 17 at the time and in Vegas:  
"I have yet to meet anyone my actual age--there seems to be an abundance of fat men in their 40s wearing speedos at the pool, though." 

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