Thursday, July 05, 2018

Advice for Writing Sympathy Notes

The number one piece of advice for writing sympathy or condolence notes:  always write them.

Write them right away while the news is fresh and you are aching for something you can do to help.

Write them a week or month later just to remind the grieving that you are still thinking of them.

Write them in six months or a year when you are feeling guilty that you haven't written. It is not too late--write them now.

If you need a little extra push or some help with the words, try these posts:

How to Write a Sympathy Note--I wrote this several years ago, sharing my own tips and linking to sites I have found helpful.

How to Write a Condolence Note from A Cup of Jo--heartbreakingly beautiful and helpful advice from someone who has lost her husband to cancer.  Read this post.

I have had occasion to write several sympathy notes recently, and the above is the advice I follow. But more than anything, I try to remember--always write.

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