Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a "book of notes" for my mom

 Here is another "book of notes" that I made recently.  This one was for my mom . . .

As you can see from the pic below, I call her Mama.  :)  That's what she called her mom, and that's what I grew up calling her.  She is originally from North Carolina, so maybe that's why?  I never thought a thing of this until I went to college and someone said, "You call your mom 'Mama'?"  Now I notice it when I am using it in front of anyone but a family member.  Oh well, anything else sounds too formal!

On the last book of notes, I was working with a simple folded card that would fit in an A2 sized envelope.  For this one, I folded an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of cover weight paper (cardstock) in half to give myself a larger canvas.  It still wasn't enough!  When I was finished with it, I showed it to Jeff and he said sarcastically, "Um . . . yeah . . . she isn't going to get distracted or overwhelmed by any of that, I bet."

And I laughed out loud.  He was right--it was a little busy.  To remedy this, I numbered the messages so that each one would not be overlooked and could be read in an orderly manner.  :)

The next book I make will have more white space like Danni's, but I love this one all the same, and it was made with lots of heart and love for my mom.  

My goal was that it would be encouraging--so I tried to share little things I thought would encourage her and things that had been encouraging to me lately.  Here are some more pics (you can click on the pictures to view them a little bit larger) . . .


1.  Amber loves you.
2.  Accepted
3.  Be of good cheer.
4.  He overcame. (3 is because of 4)
5.  Thinking of you.
(Not numbered--the little envelope holding extra washi tape for hanging up notes.)

Message #2 "Accepted" folds out to reveal an excerpt from Morning and Evening by Spurgeon that elaborates on being "accepted in the Beloved" (Ephesians 1:6).  This has been a very meaningful verse for me ever since college.

6.  Psalm 103, one of my family's favorite Psalms, taken from the congregational reading section of an old hymnal.  This is kind of a half page that turns to reveal the rest of page 2 . . .

7.  You are a good mom.  
8.  Bloom where you're planted.

9.  A little envelope holding a letter.
10.  A little envelope of love notes for sharing.

When my mom wrote me a letter recently, she told me she had been leaving notes in my dad's work boots some mornings, and I LOVED that!  I thought I would give her some more notes to work with.  

I "packaged" it all up in a large vellum envelope that I happened to have on hand--it's the envelope you see in this post.  (Note to self:  keep some A9 envelopes handy for projects like this).

So there you have it--another book of notes.  They are my new favorite thing to make.  :)  Let me know if you make any!  And for tons more inspiration, remember to check out the "Notes" posts on Oh, Hello Friend!


  1. Amber FaganOctober 24, 2012

    I also call my mom Mama and my kids call me that too :) I have a friend I've met here from England, and her daughter has started calling her Mama. It drives her absolutely crazy because where she is from it should be Mum :) Guess we are rubbing off on her daughter!

    1. That is too funny! I would love to hear a British child saying "mama." :) (Actually, I love hearing British people say anything.) I always knew I liked you--another thing we have in common, right? :)

  2. lovely, lovely....and Psalm 103 is an extra-special psalm to us, too! :)

    1. Thank you, Katie! Yes, it is such a beautiful Psalm. And I love meditating on it this time of year as we approach Thanksgiving.

  3. Amber, I love this post. I have a dear friend that I plan on making a "book of notes". I have used music from old hymnals on my handmade cards. I like the way you used the scripture readings from the hymnal.

    On using "mama" - growing up ( and even now) I call my mother "mom". I've been in the south for 23 years now and have many friends that use the word "mama".

    1. Thank you, Donna! That's a lucky friend--I am sure your "book of notes" will be lovely!

      Yes, I am guessing that you will hear "mama" often living in the South. Seems to be what all my mom's side of the family uses. :)

  4. Your effusive creativity is so inspiring, friend. Tell Mama Bonita hello from me.

  5. I know what I'm doing for a mother's day gift next year!!


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